Main Characteristics of Industrial Sewing Machines

The Main Characteristics of Industrial Sewing Machines

If you do not know for what is needed an industrial sewing machine you need read this post. Here you find list of main characteristics of Typical sewing machine that performs straight stitches.
This is standard model of industrial sewing machines that is used not only in the sewing studio but and at home also.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 1

Look! On this photo is shown another old model of industrial sewing machine that it is very similar to the modern models like Typical, Yamata etc.
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Industrial Sewing Machines - 2

Each model of industrial sewing machines has the autonomous lubrication system, the table, table lamp and separate servo motor.
If you will overturn the base plate a sewing machine as shown you will see about 1 liter of oil and the mechanical oil pump.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 3

These internal labels on the housing indicate permissible oil levels (high and low). The main feature of any industrial sewing machine is opportunity to operate at high speed for 24 hours. Therefore is needed constant lubrication of machine mechanisms.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 4

On the top part of the machine body is a special window for oil pressure control. During operation a sewing machine at high speed, the oil jet must be visible through it.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 5

The industrial sewing machine has the vertical rotary shuttle system.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 6

Industrial sewing machines have the rotary hook system that rotates in a full circle around. In order to form a stitch it must make two full circles around.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 7

So looks the shuttle hook assembly of industrial sewing machines. It can be easily removed from the shaft. This feature allows you to adjust the interaction the needle and the shuttle tip, gap between them.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 8

The bobbin case is similar to bobbin case of home model sewing machines.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 9

The needle plate and feet dog are selected depending on the thickness of the fabric. Every industrial sewing machine can have three types of needle plate and feet dog.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 10

The thread tension regulator of industrial sewing machine is similar to the old sewing machine like Singer and other models.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 11

If you will remove the faceplate you find many joints and connections that are required constant to oil.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 12

This is presser foot lever.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 13

Device for winding thread on the bobbin can be attached to the table.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 14

Each industrial sewing machine has the separate servo motor.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 15

This knee lever duplicates the presser foot lever. This lever (knee lifter) is actuated by knee that frees both hands seamstress during sewing.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 16

This powerful belt connects the clutch motor of industrial sewing machine with the handwheel.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 17

This is button powering. Most often for industrial machinery are used an increased voltage (380 volts).

Industrial Sewing Machines - 18

For industrial sewing machines you can use a lot sewing feet and accessories.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 19

Bobbins for industrial machines are different from the bobbins intended for home models sewing machines. Look! They have different width, therefore they are not interchangeable.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 20

Along the table edge there is a measuring scale. It makes use an industrial sewing machine more comfortable.

Industrial Sewing Machines - 21

The table of industrial sewing machine has convenient drawer for storing sewing accessories.

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