DIY: Fix a Broken Sewing Machine

DIY: Fix a Broken Sewing Machine

Do you want to save on repairing your sewing machine? Fix your sewing machine problems by using these instructions and tips.

Tools for repairing your sewing machine

To find a malfunction and fix it, is needed often have to disassemble the body of sewing machine. To do it you need have the tools: at least two types of screwdrivers (phillips screwdriver and flat).

Removable table of sewing machine

For this article, I used an ordinary entry-level sewing machine with an oscillating shuttle hook.

How to disassemble a front cover

Screw for fastening a front cover

At first unscrew this screw with a flat screwdriver and remove the front cover.

Light bulb of sewing machine

In this compartment there are mechanisms of needle bar and presser foot. All these knots are made from metal and therefore are reliable.
Most often this lid is removed to replace the bulb or to oil the bushings and the needle bar.

Needle bar mechanisms

There is another case when you need to remove the front cover. The arrow on the photo indicates the screw holding the needle bar.

Oiling places of needle bar

To oil the needle bar is needed 1-2 drops of oil, no more. Note: The oil in this place can get on the fabric during sewing and spoil it.

Oiling places of needle bar mechanisms

Note that the bushings have special oil holes.

Sewing machine shuttle hook

Parts of oscillating shuttle hook

All parts of the shuttle hook device must be clean and smooth. Rusty or dirty places may be cause of bobbin thread bunching, looping and tangling.

Needle plate

The needle plate must also be in perfect condition, especially the slit hole. Metal notches appearing from needle strikes will lead to the thread breaking.

Brush for cleaning shuttle hook

Periodically remove the needle plate and clean the shuttle compartment with a stiff brush.

How to disassemble the body of a sewing machine

How to remove the plastic knobs

Start disassemble the body of a sewing machine with removing the plastic knobs (stitch selectors). Just pull them on yourself.

The plastic knobs of stitch selection

The position of the handle has only one position, so it will be easy to put them back.

Internal Rear Cover Screw

Many screws are hidden inside the case and can be detected if you remove the plastic plugs.

Internal latches of the sewing machine body

When all the screws are inverted, you need to separate the two halves of the case.

Two halves of the case

Note: In addition to the screws, they are held by means of latches also.

Inner screw in the shuttle compartment

Look inside the shuttle compartment! Here you can find also a screw holding the back half of the body of the sewing machine.

How to disassemble a sewing machine

Delete this screw and carefully using the knife or flat screwdriver continue open the shell halves.

Lift lever of presser foot

When disconnecting the halves of case is needed to lower the presser foot lifting lever.

Power cord connection unit

It is especially difficult to remove the back cover in the place of the electrical cord connection unit.

Two halves of the plastic body of the machine

I took off only the back of the case. To remove the front half does not make sense, because this sewing machine works properly. My task is to show you what can break down the sewing machine and how to fix it.

Removed parts

Removed parts.

The most difficult breakages of a sewing machine

Main shaft gears

Note that top gear is made from plastic. If you will to sew thick fabrics on a sewing machine or hem the bottom of jeans and sew leather, then her teeth can be damaged.

Shuttle hook shaft gears

A plastic detail is also in the shuttle device.
Observe the recommendations that are in the instruction for your sewing machine!

Toothed belt of electric motor

The drive belt is an important part of the sewing machine. Years later, he can be breaking. If the sewing machine motor is running and the machine not move the fabric, then most likely it will be necessary to change the drive belt.
Note: This can only be done at a service center.

Sewing electric motor

The electric motor rarely fails. If the sewing machine does not respond when the pedal is pressed needs check sewing machine electric motor.
But notice that not only the electric motor may have broken down. Another reason may be the foot control pedal and the cords that are connected sewing machine with an electrical outlet.

Connection errors of housing both parts

Now the last tip. Never disassemble the case of your sewing machine. In addition to the fact that it is difficult to do this, it can also lead to a breakdown your sewing machine.
In any case, you will not be able to assemble the halves together without a trace.

English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes and help correct them.
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