Using and Repair an Old Sewing Machine

Using and Repair an Older Sewing Machine

In this post you find the manual for old sewing machines like Singer. Here are instructions how to use and fix old models sewing machines.
Using this article you will get information that helps you choose and buy old sewing machine.

Singer - leader of production sewing machine

Many of us have an old sewing machine whose age exceeds 50 years and more. The first models sewing machines were produced by Singer.
One hundred years ago The Singer Company was a leader of production sewing machines. By this reason many of old sewing machines have this name. In addition, many of other old brands have the same device that sewing machine Singer. For simplicity and with this in mind, we will be conditionally called all these old machines - "Singer".
Note: Such models of sewing machines perform only one straight stitch only.

Needle thread tension assemble

Needle thread tension assemble.
You have tightened the thread tension with a control dial as far as it will go but the thread is still loose and bunching up on the bottom of the material. You have tried many ways to fix this problem but unsuccessfully. Try to remove the tensioner device from the sewing machine and disassemble it.
Note: Sometimes to fix it Is enough clean the tensioner (between discs) from the dust, thread scraps etc.
See also: How to thread a sewing machine

If lift up the presser bar lifter the tension discs should move apart, the thread tension will weaken and vice versa. In this position remove the dust and thread scraps is easy.

Screw with mark 1 holds thread tension assemble in the housing. If you will loosen the screw with mark 2 you can rotate the thread tension assemble in a clockwise direction and vice versa.

The parts of needle thread tension assemble

On this photo shows all parts of needle thread tension assembly of old sewing machine like Singer.
Here are steps of installation sequence these parts. They are marked with numbers.

Hand wheel of sewing machine

Handwheel (flywheel) is used to beginning of sewing. First stitches better to do manually, move the needle up and down using this hand wheel.
Using the machine pulley you can to disengage main shaft of sewing machine during winding the thread on the bobbin.

How to remove a hand wheel

If you need to remove the flywheel from the shaft you must abide by two rules. First: this washer has two positions; you can select the right position only empirically. Second: the "petals" have only one position - they should be aimed upward only.

Bobbin winder

Bobbin winder.
If this device does bad wind, you need loosen the screw and adjust the position bobbin winder, move this device closer to the flywheel.

The screws that hold the bobbin winder

These screws hold the bobbin winder on the housing an old sewing machine like Singer.
Check the tightening degree and to fix if it is needed.

The oil designed for sewing machines

Old sewing machines are often for years stand in the pantry without a work. In this case be sure to remove all covers and inspect all mechanisms and parts a sewing machine. You need to clean the surfaces and lubricate all mechanisms with a special oil.
Note: Use the oil that is designed for sewing equipment only!

The presser foot lever

On this photo you see the presser foot lever. This lever lowers the presser foot to the fabric. When you need to move your garment forward or toward you need first lift it up.
Here is a fixing screw of the presser foot lever.

The fixing screw a needle

This is a fixing screw the sewing needle. The needle of an old Singer sewing machine is clamped with a screwdriver. Be sure tightening it enough, but please note, too much effort is bad.

The vertical needle bar

If you will insert in this hole a short flathead screwdriver you can loosen the screw that holds vertical needle bar. Its position need to be adjusted if the sewing line has many skipped stitches.
More often the needle bar needs to be lowered.

Rotating and sliding parts must be oiled

All rotating and sliding parts of old sewing machine must be oiled in time.

How to lubricate internal mechanisms

Especially carefully and abundantly necessary needs to lubricate all internal mechanisms.
Tip: During oiling a sewing machine rotate the machine pulley slowly.

Feed dogs an older sewing machine

Feed dog an older sewing machine.
The metal strips with many little teeth that stick up from the needle plate and move your fabric during sewing. They need to be cleaned periodically. Depending on how often is used the sewing machine the feed dog must be cleaned at least once a year.
Tip: For cleaning the sewing machine use a stiff brush.

The shuttle hook an older sewing machine

The shuttle hook and bobbin case are considered to be the main device of any models the sewing machines.

The metal bobbin case an older sewing machine

Such metal bobbin cases have many models old sewing machines like Singer.

The shuttle hook device Singer

Many of old sewing machines Singer have the vertical oscillating shuttle hook system that have a long service life.

Cleaning and oiling sewing machine Singer

Cleaning and oiling sewing machine Singer.
Note: Timely cleaning and oiling a sewing machine ensures a good sewing machine operation.

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