How to Use Janome Overlock Sewing Machine

How to Use an Overlock Sewing Machine

What a kind of stitch does an overlock Janome 4057 do? Learn how to use a serger and tips for choosing overlock sewing machine.

This type of sewing machines is used to overcast, or sew over and enclose the raw edges of fabric. At the same time a serger can cut the edge of the fabric.
If you want sew many garments you need this overlocker sewing machine. Using a serger you can join seams and finish the edges by trimming off the extra fabric. Serge the edges of fabric and your garment will have a qualitative and professional look.
Overlock also no substitute for sewing knit fabrics. Adjustable differential feed allows sew such fabric with very high quality.

Now let's take a look inside the overlock Janome ArtStyle 4057. Learn how it works and how to use this overlocker sewing machine. At the same time you learn a few features of serger. They help you choose and buy a serger correct.

Main difference the sewing machine and serger

The regular sewing machine forms the stitches using two threads, using a bobbin and top thread only.
Domestic overlock sewing machines forms the stitch using 3 or 4 threads. This is the main difference the sewing machine and serger.
The second feature is method of forming stitches. The serger has looper instead the oscillating shuttle or rotary hook. It works with loopers and needle threads that form an overlocking stitch.

The loopers and needles

An overlock (also known in USA as a serger) has two cutting blades, two loopers and two needles. For threading of such serger are required 4 coils.

Threading a serger

When you will buy an overlocker you need pay attention on loopers. Threading in both loopers a serger should be comfortable. Try inserting the thread into loopers with their own hands before buying a serger.

Pay special attention to the left looper, threading it should be comfortable and easy also.
Important: threading the upper looper is always easier than the lower looper. Necessarily try to thread through the eye of the looper (arrow).

How to thread needles and loopers

Exactly follow the instructions how to thread needles and loopers. Printed guide diagram how to do it correct you can find on cover a serger.

It switches work overlock on rolling hems

You do not know for what needed this switch? Any serger can be used for making various kinds of stitches, like adding elastics, rolling hems and creating decorative stitching. This lever switches the overlock in execution mode rolling hems. R - rolling hem; S - other types of stitches.

Tips for buying a serger

If you intend to buy a serger you need think about the following :
1. First, how often you will need this sewing machine?
2. Can you to finish the edges of fabrics with another way (zigzag stitch)?
3. If you are beginner I recommend consider buying used serger.
Anyway for beginner a basic inexpensive overlocking sewing machine is best choice. Learn to sew any garments with a basic model a serger. Later you can to invest in a more expensive serger.

The type of sewing needles

Pay attention to the type of sewing needles that are appropriate for this model overlock.
It is very convenient when the sewing needles of a serger and sewing machine are identical and interchangeable.

Thread tensioner assemble

I think such thread tensioner assembly (photo) is modern, convenience and more reliable.

Thread the serger with weak tensions (0-3). Gradually adjust the tension of each thread separately, so the tension of overlock stitch will be adjusted in a correct way.

Threading is very important for serger

You must know that correct threading is very important condition to work properly a serger. Using not suitable threads and wrong threading are the main causes of the bad stitch a serger.

The special serger spools

Second condition to a serger is shape of spools. They should have shape cone. Such threads are well lifted from the cone and easy glide into the loopers and needles eyes. But using these special serger spools having shape cone is not a prerequisite.

Each modern sewing machine has power switch

Each modern sewing machine has power switch.

The way to rotate the flywheel

Be sure to remember in which direction rotates the flywheel a serger. Manual rotation a hand wheel in the opposite direction may damage the overlock!

The differential feed system

All overlocking sewing machines have the feed dogs. The modern sergers have a special feed dog - adjustable differential feed system. The differential feed system has two sets of feed dogs: one is front; the other is on the rear part. This option of device a feed dog allows quality sew any knit fabrics.

The differential feed knob/lever has a numbered scale. From 0.6 to 1 - negative differential feed. 1 or N - is neutral differential feed. From 1 to 2 - positive differential feed. To understand how this works, you have to try on samples.

At the bottom on photo you can look the differential feed knob. At the top is lever changing a stitch length.

The overlock Janome 4057 has 4 thread

This diagram shows you where in seam go each of the threads (an overlock Janome 4057 has 4 thread).

Sewing needles for serger Janome 4057

Sewing needles for serger Janome 4057.
Note: For your serger can be used another type of sewing needles.

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