Tutorial How to Make a Pencil Skirt

Tutorial How to Make a Pencil Skirt

You have decided to make the usual simple skirt but do not know where to start? Here you can find many useful tips on how to make a skirt.
It is a comprehensive guide how to sew a pencil skirt yourself.
For better visibility of the learning process I used sewing thread white.

How to make a few folds for the skirt

If you need to make a few front folds this draft scheme will help you make the addition to the pattern a skirt.

Two detailed tutorials how to draft the pattern of skirt you find in the end of this article in section "Related Tutorials and Tips".

Sticky Back Self Adhesive

First you need to cut out the parts of the pattern a skirt from fabric.
Second step - all parts of a skirt we need to neaten using a serger. If you don't have an overlock sewing machine use your zigzag stitch.
Some details of a skirt need to strengthen with the adhesive fabric (waistband, vent etc.).

How to stitch back central seam a skirt

Now is time to sew skirt using a sewing machine.
Start sewing from the back center line. This is the hardest part of the skirt. On the top of a skirt you must neatly to sew a fly-front-zipper. On the bottom part you need correct to make vent.
But now you need to sew the edges of the seam together leaving a top portion 18-20 cm, place for fly-front-zipper.

How to stitch back and front parts of a skirt

Once you have sewn both sides of back central line put it aside. You will finish these seam edges later.
Time to sew a skirt together!

How to stitch the sides of the skirt

Now you will to sew the entire length of the skirt on both sides.

Press the seam allowance

Now to the ironing board and press your seams open. Be sure to iron these seams on face side a skirt also.

How to add a zipper

To sew a fly-front zipper use a special foot.

Press the face side a skirt

Now your skirt looks very fine.

How to sew a waist belt to the skirt

Now you can to sew the belt to the top part of skirt. Begin to sew around the edge on the outside of the skirt.

How to stitch together the right end of a waistbelt

The waistbelt a skirt will have the hole and button so you need to make a small "tail".

Stitch together the left end of a waistbelt

In this manner you need to stitch the edges of the belt.

The waistbelt a pencil skirt

Next, pin the open ends of your skirt belt.

Finishing stitch for the waist belt a skirt

Start the waistband. Take your skirt back to your sewing machine, and stitch into the pressed edges. Do this along both sides from center.

Deseret vent of a pencil skirt

Stitch along this line to complete the end of the vent fold.

How to make the desired vent of a pencil skirt

Adding a vent to skirt can be easily if your skirt not has a lining. But, adding vents that look fine requires an experience. If you are beginner do your first skirt without the skirt's vent.

How to make the skirt's vent

The finishing stitch a vent is last and important step by sewing a pencil skirt. You need to make it very fine.

The hole for button a skirt

The hole can be done on a sewing machine. Do not forget only to mark the place a hole with chalk before doing it.

The skirt is ready

This beginner skirt sewing tutorial for the skirt having the waist with hole and button is completed.
Fly-front zipper, the button and vent placed on the back a skirt along central line.

This skirt is a simple project for beginners. Many sewing operations in this tutorial are simplified. Try this simple tailoring technology and then you could make your pencil skirt a million different ways.

English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes and help correct them.
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