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If you want to learn sew you need to know and understand a lot sewing definitions and terms. Here is a dictionary of sewing terms and terminology.
All terms and definitions are explained by professional tailor. To all terms, in addition to the description, is attached photo image.


Patch Pockets
Patch Pockets

Patch pocket is easiest way how to make pockets for the skirt and any other garments. Learn how to sew such pockets with my step-by-step guide!


Before start sew any garment you need make the pattern. The paper pattern parts need laid out onto the fabric.
Note: Before cutting the fabric you need to add the seam allowances.

Pencil skirt
Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt is a medium-length straight skirt (below the knee) that not have expansion around the hem line. Pencil skirt is fairly tight fitting model.

Sewing Pins

Metal pins that are used for sewing works have some different sizes and types: they may be with glass head pins, ball-point pins, silk pins, quilting pins, plastic head craft pins, T-pins and other.

Piping with the cord
Piping with cord

The piping with cord inside is a kind of bias binding. Piping with cord is used for decoration the bags, covers etc. For sewing the piping closer to the cord you need use a zipper presser foot.


The pleats are needed for increasing splendor a skirt. The simple pleat you can make by folding the double fabric along waistline of a skirt.

Pocket Flap
Pocket Flap

This pocket flap has two pieces of fabric (without lining). You need cut fusible interfacing material also. Here's a pro tutorial on making the pocket flap to the pants or skirts.

Presser foot
Presser Foot

Presser foot is needed for moving the fabric during sewing on machine. It presses the fabrics to the teeth of feed dogs. There are a lot of different presser feet which are used to perform specific functions.

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