Sewing Terms Starting with Letter L

If you want to learn sew you need to know and understand a lot sewing definitions and terms. Here is a dictionary of sewing terms and terminology.
All terms and definitions are explained by professional tailor. To all terms, in addition to the description, is attached photo image.


Lace tape
Lace Tape

Lace tape is the fabric cotton (or synthetic) roll strip that used for decoration to garments and other items.


Genuine leather is sewing material which excrete from the animals skins. The most common types of skin are excreted from the skins the cows and pigs.

Light Bulb
Light Bulb of Sewing Machine

Light bulb of sewing machine has little size and small screw cap. The sewing machine light bulb is behind the front cover. Note: there are two types of sockets at that connections the bulbs of sewing machine.


Lining is added to the inner side of skirt, trousers etc. The dimension of lining pats are the same as details of clothing.

Lock stitch
Lock stitch

Most sewing stitching performed by the sewing machine need to fasten with extra stitches. Every sewing machine has special reverse lever. When you press this lever sewing machine starts sewing in the opposite direction.

Looper of a serger

For formation the overcast stitch is used the looper. The looper tip runs into the loop a needle thread. Next, the needle comes into the loop of looper thread. Then cycle is repeated and in such way is formed overlock stitch. The overlock can use one or two loopers.

Lower thread tension screw
Lower Thread Tension Screw

Lower thread tension screw is needed to adjust the tension on bobbin case with flat small screwdriver.

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