Sewing Terms Starting with Letter H

If you want to learn sew you need to know and understand a lot sewing definitions and terms. Here is a dictionary of sewing terms and terminology.
All terms and definitions are explained by professional tailor. To all terms, in addition to the description, is attached photo image.


Hand wheel of sewing machine
Hand Wheel

First stitches on sewing machine is be better do using a handwheel (flywheel). The second purpose - the flywheel is used for rotating a device that is used for winding the bobbin.

Handwheel Washer
Handwheel Washer

This vintage hand wheel washer is needed for clutch of hand wheel to the main shaft of the sewing machine. The petals of washer need to set up, as shown in this photo.


The bottom edges of pants or skirts must be folded and sewn with blind hem stitches around the wrong side a garment. The hemming of pants and skirts will prevent from the fraying or tearing of the bottom edge a garment.

Hips measurement
Hips Measurement

Ti take Hips measurement you need wrap tape around the hips of the human figure. Hips measurement is used for drafting the pattern of skirt, pants etc.

The shuttle hook

Every shuttle of sewing machine has a hook that catches top thread. The tip a shuttle should pass near the needle (0.15 - 0.2 mm) and above the needle's eye (1.5 - 1.8 mm).

Horizontal Shuttle Hook
Horizontal Shuttle Hook

The modern sewing machines have horizontal rotary shuttle hook system without a bobbin case. The horizontal hook has another name: drop-in-bobbin. The horizontal rotary shuttle hook have a higher technical level as compared with vertical oscillating shuttle hook system.

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