How to Cut Off and Hem Jeans

How to cut off jeans and hem them

Do you like to wear your old beloved jeans with tattered edges? If not, then let's try to fix it. To update your favorite jeans you need learn how to cut the bottom of your pants and hem them.
If it's not impossible to shorten the jeans you can make summer shorts from old jeans. It is one of the ways how you can to bring new life to your old jeans.
In this article you will learn how to hem your pants and skirts.

Note: For hemming jeans you need special sewing machine. Most suitable for this is old sewing machine like Singer. Don't use the modern sewing machines for the hemming jeans. Be careful, you can break the needle and other parts of sewing machine.

The line where need to shorten jeans

Firstly, you need to mark the line where will a new length of jeans. This step is more difficult as it might sound.
Put on your jeans and put on shoes with which you will be wearing pants also. Now you can mark the new height (from floor) with chalk on one (right) pant legs.

Don't rush with measuring and check again the position of this line. Be careful before cutting and do not forget that down from the hemline you need add 3-4 cm!
If everything is correct it is time to grab your scissors and cut off jeans (one leg) along drawn (second) line.

The hemline of the second leg

Drawing a hem line on other leg is the hardest part during cutting jeans. You need to do it correct otherwise your pant legs will be uneven.
Lay the jeans together on the table. Gently flatten both legs. Now put a chalk and mark the line along edge of the first leg (including 3-4 cm).

Cutting along hemline of the second leg

Using ruler and chalk mark the straight line around pant's leg. Check this line again before cutting.

The hem of second leg a jeans

Note: To do mark the hemline of the second leg your jeans you have to step back from the edge 3-4 cm.

Preparation hem jeans-step 1

Now you need an ironing board and the steam iron. Turn a new crease inside the jeans leg and iron along chalk line. Do not forget take out the pins.

Preparation hem jeans-step 2

Now you need to fold the crease inside in half and press it.

Preparation hem jeans-step 4

Now we need to press double hem around a leg.

Preparation hem jeans-step 5

After folding pant legs back up with a quarter get ready to start sewing your old jeans! You must to do a finishing stitch only.

The thick seams of jeans need to soften

Before sewing these thick seams of jeans on sewing machine you can them to soften. Use for this a small hammer or handles of big metal scissors.

For the bobbin use dual thread

This simple advice helps you to do the finishing line on the bottom jeans more easy.
On the bobbin you can wind the double thread. Add together two identical threads and wind them on the bobbin by hand (1-1.5 meter).

Stitch the hem on the wrong side a jeans

Set up your machine with threads and now you're ready to start sewing a hem jeans!
Place the wrong side jeans under the presser foot (as shown) and slowly turn the hand wheel. At the beginning of sewing and on the thick seams of jeans will be better rotate flywheel by hand.
Press the inner side of the hem jeans, as shown.

How to Hem Jeans

This photo shows another way how to cut and hem jeans. In this case, you do not need hemming jeans as was described above. An old line of jeans will be saved. All details of this method you find in another tutorial.

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